Harshly we See

You do not see the light. You instead see the darkness that personifies the light. The tears from your eyes cause halos to appear and trick your mind into thinking it is comforted. But when the tears are washed away you realize the truth. It was actually a simple lie, but your mind purposefully thickened the plot. It is comforting to us to know that the reason why we stand at the bottom of a pit is because of a complex turn of events. Perfectly fallen dominoes creating an elaborate excuse all for the reason of making us feel better. In the end, upon reflection, we truly understand that the steps that led to this path were simple and the only one that made those decisions was ourselves.


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3 Responses to Harshly we See

  1. idiotwriter says:

    And when we stand at the top of the pit? 😉
    I wonder if we are just as quick to think it was a turn of complicated events that got us there?
    Funny little human beings.

  2. Lynn says:

    Great expression! It made me come up with my own little saying to memorialize it in my mind: “My life is actually simple, but my mind purposefully thickens the plot.”

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