Airplanes, Children, and My Little Pony

This trip marks the first vacation we have not had an issue with our kids on the airplane. Oh sure we still got the wary stares as people made their way up the aisle, but I have found that if your kids are “cute” people generally give you the benefit of the doubt till proven wrong. My kids did great and part of that was due to my wife and I planning ahead and making a magic goodie bag of treats and toys. That is now a must.

So on the return trip we went by Target and bought the girls some toys. My eldest picked a set of six My Little Pony toys and my youngest wanted a monster truck and tank… we got her a Woody Toy Story doll instead (I would have gotten the tank, Woody ain’t conquering shit in a cowboy hat…). There is a reason I bring this all up.

We are on the plane, being filed in according to social class and stature, when I glance over at Gracie and notice she is lining up half the Ponies facing eachother.
“Whatcha doing Gracie? Are they dancing?”
“No, they are fighting. We don’t like boys! We like girls!”
I pause to gather my fatherly advice. “So those are boys?” I ask stupidly, pointing at the male dominant colored ones. In my defense here I did not realize My Little Ponies were male and female. I am blown away.
“Yes Dad, those are the boys and these are the girls.”
Suddenly in a violent scene reminiscent of a Halo 3 cut scene (who is to blame for this I have no clue) the male ponies are clobbered and left on the battlefield.
“And what happened there Grace?”
“I told you… we don’t like boys!”

Lesson learned…


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5 Responses to Airplanes, Children, and My Little Pony

  1. lofnbard says:

    Grrrl power baby! Ha ha ha! I approve! 😀

    • Smoke & Dust says:

      Yes, no idea where such aggression came from! 😉 Thanks for the read!

      • lofnbard says:

        No problem! I try to check out people who start following my blog, and this one caught my attention. I only recently decided to check out the MLP craze by watching Equestria Girls. Then I went to season 1, episode 1. Now I’m waiting for the season 4 episodes as they come out. 😛
        Very good show, even for adults. I wish they’d had something of this caliber when I was a kid, which said it was okay to be a nerdy girl, and that even geeks can be heroes. 🙂
        Girls having good stories with a wide variety of heroic women’s behaviors is a big reason why I write what I do. I hope to one day make kid versions of them.

      • Smoke & Dust says:

        I am trying to get my daughters into cool things like transformers and G.I. Joe… things from my childhood. Unfortuantely it isn’t taking so well. =\ I will keep trying. lol… 😉

      • lofnbard says:

        Lousy choices of female characters in those series. I played with Star Wars action figures, same issue, but added The Shmoo, made of a bunch of Silly Putty. Shmoo could fly when I shaped it as a bird, and hug smothered enemies into submission!
        Check out “In which my daughter plays Dungeons and Dragons, sort of ”
        and rpgKids if you’re into role play. Good ideas there for playing with your daughters and stretching their imaginations.

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