His thoughts are solid, like a diamond. The impossible occurs and that diamond splinters into a million pieces. His will has not been broken, this is not meant to be a frivolous image of a broken sword. That painting has been done, it hangs there I bought it for a pound. No, instead I tell the tale of the forging of inspiration. Inspiration found upon the crumbs of thought’s broken throne. And there stands the lonely page, who has dropped his sword at the feet of his dying Lord. The sounds of rattling throat and pleading gasps are suddenly drowned by the merry sound of a pipe. Who’s joyous tunes of Midsummer’s day festivity are a welcome companion to love and affection. So upon a look into the night, there on a bridge lit by torches, fireflies, and love. A young courtier meets a secretive damsel, who with false bravado leads her to their new and daring future. It circles back the feelings, right back to where we started. Sitting in wonder and sadness.


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5 Responses to Splinter

  1. vicbriggs says:

    Diamond splinters… I love the image it creates.

  2. Dreamer says:

    Woww…that was really deep..

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