The Lost Journals: The Introduction – Pg. 3

Her name was Linda Conaughey and she is the one that wrote and compiled these journals chronologizing the lives of these people forever. It became clear why she did it upon completing all the books, but the interesting part was that Linda decided to actually write out what each page of the journals meant to her with a parallel page of her own. All seven journals are forty pages long and are thus forty pages of the lives of what turned out to be some very interesting individuals. Lisa decided to sign her pages with the pen name “Trinity” for which I can partially guess the reason after reading through a window into her life. It was a beautiful life and I could only wish to have met her.

This will be the eighth journal that I will add to this story. Maybe one day someone will find all of ours and write their own. I was inspired by the sights, sounds, and smells that these people had experienced and that I will probably never see in this life. Another man’s “everyday” is another person’s paradise… and now I have dreamed of those painted images and they haunt me. If we cannot actually travel to those places and our mind yearns for something stronger than the mundane images of another person’s halfhearted imagination, we then escape into our worlds of words. That is what led to this day, this threshold and moment where lives will connect. They already have.

And with all that nonsense out of the way I will add my name to this book. Book eight will be authored by Jason, that would be me, and I will add my forty days to this already perfect company.


This is my blog book I am offering to the readers of my blog. The whole story can be found at the following link I hope you enjoy the story. All content is owned and copyrighted. You may re-blog, pingback, or share the contents but please give credit to the author and this website. Thank you, -OM

Page 3 OM 12/16/2013

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2 Responses to The Lost Journals: The Introduction – Pg. 3

  1. Matty J says:

    I love the direction this seems to be heading in and the twist with the adding of these entries as the ‘7th journal’ is utterly brilliant! keep it up.

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