A Glimmer of Hope

A cacophony of thoughts cascading into a mural of shimmering imagery..

Brings a sudden tear within a tear, gushing forth the life water of the human soul.

A trumpet plays, carrying the idea of hope with its angelic tone.
The gleeful shouts of children dancing in the midst of the happiness of Hope.

He looks down from above. A wave of his hand dispels the clouds of worry and vanishes the dust of anger.
A boy glances up in awe. He sees the heavens part and knows that he is seeing the coming of truth.

Darkness comes, from the earth, the sea, and the sky. It carries the chill of death and despair.
The boy vanishes with the wind of time. Time’s gentle sand becomes as hard as a rock.

An eagle soars with courage and strength. His wings pierce the tornado of hate before him.
The Evil one glares. He stretches forth his hand and lightning shoots with a bang.

And as the eagle falls lifeless from the sky, the clouds close from view the heavens once more.
The trumpets turn to drums, and they beat a muffled somber sound.

People roam the streets aimlessly searching for the Why and the How.
Above the Man’s attention is elsewhere, and still he hums idly to himself as life goes on.


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