The Protector

I am training to be a superhero. Let me stop and take a deep breath before this post. I am the proud father of two girls. Someone asked me once they said “why do you constantly read the news, doesn’t that worry you with two young kids?” Nope. It makes me aware and prepared. Every other news story under crimes on involves me at the end snorting with disgust and muttering “idiot!” Lastly on this, mothers AND fathers, if you take a kid to even the dentist ALWAYS stay with them. Seriously humans we need to do better, the Aliens might laugh themselves to death when they realize we humans kill ourselves just fine on our own.

My palms get clammy, my mouth is dry like I just smoked a joint, and I suddenly all I see is a red haze… the boyfriend is here. OK, this has not happened yet, however, a father has to prepare for coming catastrophes. I am not a member of the NRA, yet, but I do have skills that will end some dashing young suitors life before he even thinks… see there it is again, just takes over.

So as a superhero I am constantly on the look out. Readers be warned, if your son is around 3-5 years old tell him to keep his grubby peanut butter fingers off S&D’s daughters. Thanks.


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4 Responses to The Protector

  1. I like, that you are taking so good care for your daughters. They have a great father.

  2. omg I feel the same about my grand-niece, although she’s a tough one already at 2 and would probably kick em in the nads before I got a shot in LOL!

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