Bloggers Stop Caring So Much

You have to stop caring so much about who you might offend or what might be said. If rude comments bother you there is an easy solution, disable those suckers. If you do not want the world to see your words and hear your thoughts you can either make your blog private or buy a notebook. Blogging is putting anything out there for the world to see, criticize, or possibly enjoy. We come on WordPress for our own reasons in the beginning, to practice writing, to show our art, to read, or maybe just to see what this whole thing is all about. But you would be lying if you said you didn’t care to know, maybe just a little bit, if people found you interesting in some way. Else why come on social media?

Stop caring so much if people view a single post you write. Unless you are trying to hit the lottery by writing the next “viral article” (good luck with that, it generally happens when you don’t try) don’t spend so much time perfecting every corner. Today’s populace is a fast pace society that is constantly on the move. The reason why reading “blogs” has become so popular is because people don’t want to invest the time or have the freedom to read a whole book anymore. Sure there will still be “readers” in this world, but more and more we have “browsers” instead that want a quick fix of gratification and then they want to move on with their night and watch American Idol. That is why I don’t worry too much about drowning posts I think might be “better’ than others. In the end they are all lost to the “quick viewer,” but your true followers will still browse deeper into your archives so that shouldn’t be a huge concern.

There is no magic button that will draw you a certain amount of real followers. There is probably an “app” for getting your number to shoot up, but it will be apparent that your followers aren’t real from the lack of conversation, likes, or consistency in your daily views. Instead I advise taking small bites at gaining a larger audience until you accumulate, that was my method. You will read many “power bloggers” that will lay claim to some strategic placement of key words in a title. Key words are in direct relationship to the traffic that is garnered by whoever dominates those words. So for instance if I write a post with the words “Pizza Hut” in it and people Google Pizza Hut, depending on the number of connection words my post will possibly show up in their query.

I am taking the time to explain this because people have asked. This isn’t anything I majored in when I went to college, I was a business and religious studies major if you were curious, but I also think this is all common sense. Want me to prove it? That is really simple actually. Currently if you Google “Opinionated Man” or “HarsH ReaLiTy” I dominate the first 6 pages. Less so under “HarsH ReaLiTy” but my screen name I now pretty much “own” on Google. There were plenty of people using this username before me and they are now on search pages 10 and above. Here is the test to show it doesn’t matter where the post “originates” it simply matters what the key search term words are. If you were to write a post with the words “Opinionated Man Harsh ReaLity” and let’s say 2 other search term words you would then have an article on the top two pages of Google search for some of those terms. Sure that search is specific to my name, but the relatable connections to those words are endless.

Maybe this just makes sense to me. Some call it SEO or “Google search term and some other word that sounds official here” but as I said it is all just basics. Relatable notions and how communication flows. I didn’t rely on any of this knowledge, initially, to gain followers or enhance my website. I instead focused on one thing only and that is bringing in 700 new faces a day. That is my standard really for a “good average day” and that is what is needed to really keep your website current and the conversation always new. Many might not care about growing a large following, that is fine, but there are just as many out there that do. This post is for you.

I may do a second post in a bit, this got side tracked. I blame the music video I am watching.


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3 Responses to Bloggers Stop Caring So Much

  1. Your are so very right. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mom Gormley says:

    Writing is good for the soul. Even if no one reads it – it helps the writer put his life into words and hopefully discover who he is. (Some famous writer like Dostoyevsky said that – I’m just paraphrasing).

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