The Daily Opinion – National Pride

Would you die for your country?

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24 Responses to The Daily Opinion – National Pride

  1. No… and I certainly wouldn’t kill for it.

  2. Madeline says:

    I would die for my country but not for my government

  3. Unfortunately I don’t think dying for the current wars being waged would be dying for my country. Maybe back in WWII when the cause seemed clear and pure — questionable in retrospect.

    Anyway, my response is colored by the fact that I am basically a pacifist, way beyond service age, and raised at a time when women were not active in the armed forces.

  4. bermusia says:

    honestly, no

  5. When I had to choose what career I wanted to do, I seriously thought about getting in the armed forces but I decided I badly wanted to have a family someday. That was my priority.

    Anyway I’m not particularly proud of my country right now… Spain’s government is quite bad since I can remember (any party). But if I had to die for my country it is ONLY for the people in it, not the government.

  6. Jay Dee says:

    No, I wouldn’t. I have a family, and that is my number one priority. I don’t even live in my home country. Even so, I would never die for the Canadian government, especially with the current Prime Minister. He is worthless.

  7. nicdomi says:

    I’m a US Marine, so I hope I have come to terms with that by now, yes I would.

  8. vicbriggs says:

    It reminded me of a different question/statement: Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

  9. KG says:

    Sadly, at this moment, No.

  10. Elaine says:

    Well at my age that is not likely to happen, but I would like to think that if I were young again that I would be willing to put my life on the line for my country. I certainly stand in awe of those who do put their lives on the line daily for each of us,

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