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Do you remember life before the cell phone? How did we survive back then?

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  1. misslynn2 says:

    As a teacher, I once challenged my form group to not use technology for a week. If they had to use their phone, they had to use it as a phone and actually call people. No texts, no instant messaging, no photos or instagrams or anything. Just to see if the quality of communication between them and their friends improved and became more meaningful. I never heard what happened, so I assumed they didn’t get past a day. I remember not having a phone, and enjoyed the feeling of freedom whenever I went out. Of course now, I worry that no one can reach me…

  2. Timmi Corene says:

    Ahhh my friend and I have had this discussion many times! I am very guilty of being way too into my phone at times and have to learn to put it down. I remember going to the movies as a young teenager and my mother saying, “ok meet me right here at 8.” What on earth would we have done if she had a flat or I had lost track of time?! I don’t know how we survived. It is taken to the extreme though. While driving the other day I saw a little girl playing with her baby dolls and stroller in her front yard. She looked to be no more than 7 and was adorable. All of the sudden, she pulled out an iphone. What does a child that young need with an iphone?! I did buy my daughter a tablet this past year and I’m guilty of letting it “babysit” her sometimes when I have a lot of homework or housework to do, but I really try make her play outside more than being stuffed into an electronic!

  3. IntrovertedSarah says:

    I do remember it, and very well too. I’m still often caught with out a phone. My husband calls mine my permanent ( as we call them mobiles here and mine is anything but mobile.) My phone is usually left on the kitchen counter, my bedside table, anywhere but on my person when I am out.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jason,
    Thank you for visiting and following me. I’m not new to blogging but new to WP. I can throw it back alittle further and say I remember when we had a rotary dial phone. It took what seemed like a lifetime to dial a number. Now, I’m technology addicted and feel panicked if I don’t have my phone near.

  5. David Price says:

    Good question. I had my first mobile phone while I was in university almost 20 years ago, it was an analogue sort. Typically I don’t make or receive many phone calls, so it’s mostly been for SMS and emergencies. That is until my smartphone. Now I can’t imagine being without it, it’s such a useful tool to have. Could I manage, probably it’s not like it keeps be breathing, would I choose to manage, nope, not at all.

  6. claireevora says:

    I wonder this a *lot*. How did we remember all of those phone numbers, how did we make plans, how did we meet up, what did we do if we were running late? I’d love to shoot back in a time machine & experience it, for maybe a month. For old time’s sake, and for comparison’s sake as well.

  7. We survived, just as every generation before us. You only know what you know and use whatever technology or lack there of available at the time. The real question is could I give up the cellphone?…nooooo :)!

  8. Before the cell phone, what about before the Internet? I was slow to come to both but now I am a portable device fiend.

  9. KayDaNater says:

    I remember that being the time where I didn’t spend much time with the home phone. It used to be that the phone was something that might assist in the making of plans but would be quickly left behind without a thought. Now I wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without it. Honestly I miss not being readily available 24/7. Sometimes I feel like a slave to my smart phone Must be pretty smart indeed…can you imagine what it will be like in another 20?

  10. KG says:

    Lengthy letters and long long-distance calls to home a week with lots of things to talk about and very less time.

  11. slfinnell says:

    Does anyone remember how to call “collect”? I Am Old. lol

  12. 2l2phant says:

    I had way more quiet time to think. 🙂

    But I do enjoy having a phone for emergencies!

  13. Elaine says:

    Survived quite well–never thought about it until I went to work for a cell phone company in 1998 and got one for free. Now that is all I have.

  14. idiotwriter says:

    Quite gently – making a phone call was a privileged..

  15. snoogiefisk says:

    We took time to review our thoughts before spouting them to the world. Not such a bad plan.

  16. Colleen says:

    I miss those days. I didn’t get my first cellphone until the day my car broke down on the highway. I had AAA (roadside assistance) but no way to call them to tell them I needed help. Two police cars went by on the opposite side of the road and my parents went whizzing by. When I finally got home — there was a message on my answering machine from my parents saying the craziest thing happened — they saw a car just like mine broken down on the highway… I finally got a cellphone. I will date myself and ask does anyone remember when our phones had party-lines? A group of people all shared the same line. If you wanted to talk you had to wait until the other person was done. And yes, they could listen to your conversation.

  17. TheCorp says:

    I was 14 when I bought myself the first cell phone. How did I survive before that? Well, that was really easy – I didn’t need it :))

  18. rachelxsarah says:

    With patience and ingenuity. We made carefully laid plans that would often fall to the wind once we met up. We went out and explored, climbed fences, watched live music, and hung out in cafes, parks, libraries, corner stores, vinyl shops…..I am making myself nostalgic.

  19. jmro98 says:

    Like today for me…:) I’m probably one of the few peoples without a cell phone….although occasionnaly I do rely on my friends…eventually I will get one..

  20. Doobster418 says:

    I don’t know about you, but I used to hang out by the fax machine.

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