Abandoned Warrior

You kneel there facing the sun. Contemplating a lifetime in a moment as you gaze at the light for the last time. The sun seems to strive at forcing away the quickly tumbling curtain upon reality before your eyes. It is the final scene and there are no following acts to come.

Your rifle is at your side. There is an empty shell to keep it company. You have pulled your last trigger and in the balance of things… it was worth it. Above a shadow flickers before your perfect sunset. It flaps with the memorable sound of idealisms in the wind. It stays in your ears as the coldness spreads.


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5 Responses to Abandoned Warrior

  1. Elaine says:

    I like this a lot OM! Very nicely written and so very peaceful, with no fear of the end of life in it.

  2. Are you collating paragraphs in your ‘glass house’ towards characters that will emerge in a longer fiction? I only ask because I am and your glimpses of prose remind me.

  3. “You have pulled your last trigger….”
    I like that line.

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