Erindale Burning – Flash Fiction v2

Scar stared in the distance. The city of Erindale sat nestled peacefully against Redrock Mountain under the light of the moons Alta and Sinta above. Rage filled him for a second, so strong it caused his hands to shake. He griped the ship rail as he continued to study the night sky.

Suddenly, in the distance, a single flash of light could be seen arching its way into the night sky. The fire arrow slowly peaked and then dived into the water of Crystal Lake.

Mad Eye has succeeded.” Scar hissed with satisfaction as he turned from the glowing lights. His eyes bounced off the gathered crew before him. They were the roughest group of sailors, cutthroats, murderers, and rapist he could find in the scattered fishing villages of the Dreadbin.

Are you bastards ready for some fun?” he growled as he loosened his cutlass.

The sounds of scrapping metal, crude jokes, and mutters of appreciation were all the answer he received. The ship’s crew began to shuffle restlessly as they made their way silently up the outlet from the Dreadbin Sea. The Crystal Lake and Erindale beyond were now open for the taking. The sound of beating wings caused Scar and some of the more perceptive crew to glance up. Shadowy spots could be seen in the night sky as the Flyers fanned out into battle formation. They had been expensive to hire and had refused to enter the battle until the harbor was secured. Well Erindale’s gate was all that stood between him and victory now and they would lose some of their share for being cowards, thought Scar.

Finally Erindale I will have my revenge. You thought to send me away as a slave for life, but now I will tear down that damn mountain around your silly fire. I will piss on that sacred flame and kill every wretched Priest and Priestess we can find” whispered Scar to the wind. He ran his finger down the scar that gave him his name on the left side of his face. A gift from a Priest of Alta that he desperately wished to return… he had dreamed of this moment his entire life.

Scar’s ship, the Ragnaut, hit the ground with enough force to beach it. His crew quickly made their way up the beach and then the screaming began. Chaos ensued as Townsfolk began pouring out of their homes. Everywhere people begin to die as pirates ran by carrying gold and fine clothing in their arms and still others sprinted by yelling as they chased the women around.

Tell the men to stick to the business at hand first. Pleasure can come later,” Scar snapped at his first mate sending him off to do his bidding.

The majority of his crew quickly made it to the Heart Stones gate. A group of chained rowers carrying a large battering ram ran to the front of the horde. They began hitting at the door until a loud cracking sound could be heard. Guards inside could be seen between the beams as the loud clank of running metal on the walls bounced through the night. The gate broke like the sound of lightning as the pirate crew surged forth with a shout of triumph. The bodies of guards quickly littered the courtyard.

The rape of Erindale had begun.

-Opinionated Man

Please see for the first part of the story.

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4 Responses to Erindale Burning – Flash Fiction v2

  1. idiotwriter says:

    The first of your flash fiction I think that I have read actually 😀
    It has quite a different feel to your other writing (for me) and yet it still has that social commentary type edge to it. But you can’t lose with pirates in a write 😀

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