To Kill a Unicorn

I stalked a unicorn one night and shattered her life with a stone. Her soul did not die, but I had slain her connection to this world. The earth began to weep over the loss that I am still trying to comprehend.

I close my eyes as it begins to rain. The tears of our constant audience come at unexpected moments, their outpour is brought on by the evil they must observe each day. God created the clouds to shield his eyes from the shame that we cause him.

I speak to Satan on Sundays. His whispered words of sweet reward are a constant temptation with the waking of the sun. I do not consider him a threat anymore. He has become a constant beat to the soundtrack of my life.

And the band continues to play.


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18 Responses to To Kill a Unicorn

  1. Reblogged this on Just Wait and See and commented:
    The Potter is flowing through my mind…

  2. Only you could make shattering a unicorn into a beautiful poem.

  3. We all have our Unicorns, temptation is an ever present threat and even if the tears constantly pouring as you said; the music never stops and the Sun will rise every day and that’s the Truth. Great writing.

  4. dillon3of11 says:

    Very interesting 🙂

  5. You killed a unicorn. I am thinking even pirates have some kind of code about this shit. I mean really, a unicorn? Why not a nice deer or pig or some other less worthy magical creature? You’ll have vegan/vegetarian haters now you know as well as random ‘against mythical beast killing’ ones like me. Grrr, can you hear my vicious wroth?

  6. Woah! This is so freakishly beautiful. Especially loved the line “Her soul did not die, but I had slain her connection to this world”

  7. DrSwag says:

    Beautifully written!!!!!

  8. vicbriggs says:

    How very Voldemortish of you 🙂

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