She uses her airbrush with ease. Wistfully erasing the imperfections she sees, the mistakes she knows others must observe. It is a sad kind of art that takes place here. Instead of adding to a masterpiece a portrait is created through slowly removing reality. By hiding the personal flaws that we see, just a light touch of the brush here and there, an artist is able to create an image through magic. Is it the creation or destruction of art?

If only we could remove our internal struggles so easily. This is perhaps the wistful thought that floats inside the editor’s mind as they create puppets from the human samples that have been shot for the day. A collage of humans turned into a stack of dolls because their emotions have been airbrushed away. And still the readers will browse the magazine in a week and thoughtfully wonder what these porcelain dolls are thinking, not understanding the fact that perfection does not think.


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16 Responses to Airbrush

  1. The unpredictability of not understanding what we live for.Good writing.

  2. vwoods1212 says:

    but maybe the touched up and airbrushed individual is a reflection of our culture. maybe we are fake and live in a world of pretension. maybe we tried so hard to be appear perfect, now that we are no longer we have to make a picture so that others will think we are something we aren’t.
    Who knows!!

  3. Most people expect their “idols” to be perfect, make it hard for this non inch air brushed person.

    Great article.

  4. thewildflower2007 says:

    strangely my friend I wrote about this same subject the day before, your words penetrate deep inside pricking my heart to reveal the one I have been hiding. Thank you friend for your insightful words!

    The Wild Flower

  5. shittufowora says:

    Splendid write. It is fab when people live unphotoshoped lives.

  6. 2l2phant says:

    I love the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder “. No airbrush , erasers or editing at all…. Just unconditional love.

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