I love it

Bring your anger and your conviction. Pile it high and set it on fire as you dance in ritual homage to your beliefs. Look up fool and take note of the bonfires around you. Your candle of reverence is joined by a billion other lights and the most amusing part is that no one else gives a damn about your flame but you.

Shout in my face and cause your veins to bulge. Portray for me your feelings in aggressive fashion and inspire me to respond in turn.

You have passion? I can match it.

You have facts? I have my own.

You feel your cause is just? I in turn feel you are wrong.


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12 Responses to I love it

  1. rudyhou says:

    this makes one feels small. and that one is never all-that. cause the world is vast and large and there are millions of others like us, who also crave for attention. one must be bold and work hard to get noticed and to matter for the rest of the universe.

  2. Cavan and Christian says:

    Simply gorgeous. It combines the ideals of reality, emotion, human connection, and the primal need to set your blood aflame and shout to prove your own identity. To prove to yourself and the world that you exist, you’re here, and you matter. I truly enjoyed reading this; thank you for writing and sharing. It made me feel something. Writing doesn’t do that as often any more.


  3. namenews says:

    YES! YES! Dance to the jungle boogie and let your ideas fuel the flame of the fire! YESS! This is what we need! A direct link to the pipeline of answers and danger! The more lights that fuel this, the more intense the passion becomes.

    Thank you for posting.

  4. Jami says:

    We think we have to make this huge impact on the world and enlighten people with our truths. Reality is that we all have our own truths, and spending time trying to convince others is an energy suck. But then, there are moments when we influence another…usually when we are just speaking for ourselves. This is why I stopped arguing. Truth finds its own way.

  5. oldpoet56 says:

    You do know how to get a conversation going. Unfortunately some people can not handle discussion and they degrade themselves to violence.

  6. angelis80 says:

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