The Sociopath

Journal Entry 48

TS: 11:21:13

… and I will never change. I see the world through tint. The different colors of my shades present the many facets of my personality. What mood am I in today?

The doorman calls me “Mr. Banks” as I leave the building. He is a Category D and would never make the collection. Still… what would it be like to play along his ribcage with my knife? One can wonder… I roll the idea around my tongue.

I stroll amongst them, a shining example no one notices. But they will notice me one day. All shapes, sizes, ages, nationalities, I see them all and shudder trimmers of desire.

Not just any can make the cut. An audition worthy of Broadway is held each day as I allow my sensations to take over and visualize the moment with each. Not a Category B today, no I will indulge myself and will not settle for second class meat.

The decision has been made and my hands start to sweat with the sheer joy of anticipation. There is no stopping me from having what I want… what I need. It will be quiet in the night once more… soon once again.

Mr. Banks

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18 Responses to The Sociopath

  1. Russel DDK says:

    You need to make a collection of such creepy character sketches (like 15-20 of them), huddle them all under a creepy title, and get them published ASAP. You are seriously talented and moreover, I think you understand complex dispositions and personality traits.

    • That is a great compliment thank you! I have just started writing fiction and character based story lines this year actually, so I appreciate the feedback! If you get a chance to read my flash fiction let me know if it also is good or needs improvement. -OM

  2. Not creeped out, but it sounds like the bones of a publishable short story; if anyone still publishes those.

  3. sonmicloud says:

    I like this 😀 sonmicloud

  4. garden2day says:

    Ewwww. Now you scare me. 🙂

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