I forgot the photo

I forgot to add the photo image for the last post. Here is my reference image showing my bell curb for HarsH ReaLiTy. You can note the start of the website in January of 2013 and the progression to this day. -OMCapture

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7 Responses to I forgot the photo

  1. thatssojacob says:

    It’s funny how these things work. I posted about a show on MTV, tagged it thusly, and reached a record high on Wednesday (1019 views), but have been experiencing a downturn since then. I don’t really think that that post was that great, but it seemed to get a lot of views, and I’ve written better posts since then and before that that barely got any views.

  2. ngamerguy says:

    that’s awesome! I sure hope I can get some more too just like you! Keep up with it! GD Luck to everyone!

  3. yeanqa says:

    Wow! lots of views, hardly get more than 20 on mine

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