The Daily Opinion – Why do you Blog?

Why do you blog?

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97 Responses to The Daily Opinion – Why do you Blog?

  1. kaelalaw says:

    Because the more i write, the better i become! Its essentially like exercising a muscle. Plus i want to put myself out there; as an aspiring writer it helps to see what the public likes to read as well as what they blog about.

  2. mrshenriksson says:

    because My mother needs to be able to stalk me when I’m overseas. I also talk A LOT and my husband can’t handle listening to all of it, so I give some to the internet.

  3. I blog for several reasons…1.) I process life and experiences through writing. 2.) I have dreamt of being a writer since I was a kid. I wrote a book when I was 8…my mom typed it for me and I sent it to a publisher. I still have the rejection letter! 🙂 3) It helps me share my faith with my friends and family….4.) Most importantly…I love writing!

  4. Adi says:

    I’m a talkative person and I talk a lot of gibberish almost always, boring people. Blogging is an outlet to give it out where like minded can connect and not so like minded can ignore.

  5. snickerslynn says:

    For fun. For emotional outlet. To hopefully let my own journey help someone else along the way.

  6. lorlyn63 says:

    I started because I lost my job to technology the early part of December 2013 and had worked out of my home. Because I worked from my home, I had little connection with people and it is something I have missed for the last 7 years. I also have always wanted to write and a friend read something I wrote a few years back and she said it should be in print. I think I have a lot to learn though about writing and I have had no formal training in it, but it is something I have always wanted to do. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas and the things I enjoy doing, so I thought I would give it a try and see where it takes me. My greatest obstacle is finding time to sit and come up with good content for my blog mainly due to the fact that I have a lot of personal responsibilities outside of my looking for a new career and those do not allow me to look beyond where I live, so my horizon is greatly limited for that reason. So I really wanted to meet new people and make connections and also to write and see where it takes me and to grow my blog and have it be a place where people feel at home and enjoy what they find there. I truly would love to grow it, but really have no idea how to do that, but i am learning something new every day while doing this.

  7. Blintalian says:

    A very special someone suggested that I post some of my writings because he thinks they are that good…

  8. katespadegirl says:

    It started as a way to explore my wardrobe better! Now I enjoy all the people I meet!

  9. I just started blogging as a form of therapy to help cope with a very traumatic life experience. There is also the added benefit of maybe helping a few others along the way.

  10. Blogging exercises my writing muscle every day. I love the interaction and the links 🙂 oh and stumbling upon other blogs too of course!

  11. idiotwriter says:

    I was BORED! I am STILL bored..;) but amongst friend snow

  12. 2l2phant says:

    I started blogging because I know I have a lot of worth to share. Then God brought you into my life to teach me to interact with other bloggers ( I’m slacking lately ! ) WOW ! There’s an incredible world of people out there who are so much more precious than blogging . If The Lord has me write a book or not….at least I will have had the privledge of meeting each of you ❤ and this is why I write .

    If I ever make any money it will go to help feed hungry children around the world ❤

    Thank you :}

  13. FashionD says:

    I started blogging simply because I like to talk. It is almost like a personal journal for me even though it is on a public platform. I can’t write well at all which Ido explain in my first post. I love reading others perspectives and thought, hey, I’ve got a lot to say. Why not share a bit of those

  14. MW Moore says:

    40 years ago I lost custody of my son, I wanted a way to tell him want I valued, believed in. I created fairy tales, morality fables, and mailed them to him.
    5 years ago a side effect of a mood stabilizer I was taking, I lost much of my mobility and speech (hence the “Shedding ‘Spaz’ Status). There has been some improvement…but still can’t smile; restricted to external expression only.
    I have never been easy on the eyes, but I have several stories to tell. Blogging, give me a hug ’cause I’m home.

  15. TGR Worzel says:

    My blog started as a safety valve, a way of letting of steam…

    Besides releasing the stress/pressure that would otherwise build up inside me, through not being able to do anything about all the problems that I see in the world, there is actually a [small] chance that my blogging will make a difference and help to make the world a better place.

  16. poet816 says:

    Because I am too tired and worn out to march, fight, and get arrested. Maybe I can at least raise some awareness.

  17. Angie Mc says:

    I want my blog to be a (seamless?) extension of myself and my work. In real life, I tend to my family and support others to enjoy theirs. I search for, read, and share non-fiction like it is food for my always hungry mind. And as an extrovert I am energized by engaging with people and love to help people network. So this is why and how I blog. The media is rough for me and I haven’t translated myself onto it as well I would like yet, but I’m learning and enjoy the challenge. Thanks for asking, Jason.

  18. stvrsnbrgr says:

    My mirror is broken.

  19. Because it allows me to express my personal style & fashion enthusiasm to an audience that just make appriciate it. I don’t worry about what strangers perception of me is. Sometimes friends just don’t have the same interest or understand why I have the passion I do. Also, a few friend-of-friends have made snarky comments as to, “why are you always dressed up”, “how much did that bag cost….what? On my blog I don’t have to worried about, not responding with a snarky comment. People in the style community are inspirational, kind & complementative. Now that, I’m receptive to everyday… all day!

    • Interesting that you find comfort from the online and not the live friend huh? But I get that.

      • I there was a mutual understand or love for fashion shared with a friends, that would be great. I can literally count those friends on one had. The other friends, I enjoy the comfort of their time of food, the arts, cocktails and/or discussing politics. Not Fashion.

  20. I do it because I have nothing better to do and I don’t want to meet God empty-handed…

    • Sounds like a good reason, do you write to or for God?

      • I would have to say “for”.

        My country is neck-deep in so many issues and the recent disasters have not helped at all. In our history, when we fought for our freedom and needed some kind of guide, it was often our writers who led the way.
        I can only hope that what I’m doing can make a difference. Of course, things are different in this day and age. In fact, there are people who go as far as to say that literature is dying in the Philippines.
        But I have to try.

  21. I honestly wonder why … or whether I should continue. It’s like when I was on autonomy for a while — hate to leave the relationships I’ve developed but I know I’d have more actual writing time if I weren’t blogging. I think it’s interfering with “My Father’s House” which I want to work on.

  22. lauramacky says:

    To post pictures, get feedback, make friends and to enjoy others’ blogs. 😀

  23. Frank Mewes says:

    I began blogging in order to avoid doing more foolish things only to find that blogging itself is about as foolish as what I wanted to avoid doing in the first place. I am sick and tired of writing and reading blogs; I am sick and tired of the implicit pressure to produce and consume in order to be recognized and get ahead – this mirrors exactly the notorious dynamics of our performer and achiever society. Industriousness is the most overrated and unhealthy so-called “virtue” there is! I will discontinue my blog as of next week and am unsure whether or not I will ever pick it up again.

  24. 2l2phant says:

    To be continued…..

  25. It’s evolved. At first, it was because I was supposed to. Now, it’s because I enjoy it.

  26. lizbert1 says:

    Because its a way to travel and revisit places even when you’re at home!

  27. yeanqa says:

    This is easy. Writing is all I have got. it helps me know I am still sane

  28. Jan De La Force says:

    To explore topics and concepts that fascinate me. It’s one thing to process them in the mind; it’s a much more interesting thing to expose some- or everything in a blog. Friends from all over the map is also the best bonus 🙂

  29. InfiniteZip says:

    To be me….on Facebook….too much family looking on. I do it to be me, doo be doo be doo….letting my inner unicorn be free.

  30. Joey Pool says:

    I blog to share my drawings/art and my thoughts on different topics.

  31. If you read my blog, you’d know…lol

    Mine is a love of writing, words and therapy. Seriously, therapy. I’m hoping if I put myself out there more, I will stop having panic attacks every time I leave my house (nit every time, but enough for it to be a problem).

  32. flojitz says:

    To keep a record of my thoughts and feelings… As I create art its good to look back and what I did months ago and see if I have improved… Throwing out words of encouragement also happens quite often too… If it cheers some one up out there that cant be a bad thing….

    “Can It?…..”

  33. davidprosser says:

    I started blogging to get my books out before the public eye. It’s ended up that I just enjoy sharing with my friends all I do but in a humorous way. I still do author interviews and mention WIP but the banter in comments has become the main draw for me now.

    • I think that a blog is an excellent way to get your words out there and even through a comment someone can track you back and buy your book. It all starts with the first word right, regardless of how it is delivered. 🙂

  34. To help make sense of my chaotic mind at 2 am, and to try and share some of my hope to other people fighting depression.

  35. beehemdee says:

    To give a voice to my worth Thoughts

  36. suzjones says:

    Because writing is the cheapest form of therapy? lol
    I blog to share with others and encourage them through whilst at the same time encouraging myself.

  37. It is the perfect outlet for my cooped up emotions especially the negative ones.

  38. BOX FACE says:

    I actually just wrote something last night about this here: Retrospect.

  39. mewhoami says:

    To release the inner me, gain insight from others and to learn new perspectives.

  40. KG says:

    Because I am bored of writing code and documents @ office ?

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