Start, Stop, Pause, Repeat – Death

They say that you are more likely to get in an auto accident within ten minutes of your home due to complacency. The most dangerous place in America is the four-way stop. It is the only time you can observe utter confusion in every direction. The idea is fascinating, almost like a pinwheel of chance.

To the left we have Nancy who is an elderly woman on her way to a tea date. She is still on chapter one of the “how to drive manual” because she was basically given her licence by the “interested” instructor oh so many years ago. She normally just turns right.

You have straight ahead Tom who is hopped up on meth he just scored. He is on chapter 5,219 which is centered on aggressive driving. It was a chapter never meant to be written and somehow was missed in editing. Tom loves this chapter and always thinks it is his turn.

And on our right is Mary a mother of four with three children in the backseat. Two are arguing and one is asleep in a car seat facing the rear. Mary is trying to listen to her daily show on the radio. Mary has a good “idea” of when her turn is, but she sometimes just lets everyone go first because she is such a kind hearted woman.

The fourth car is a man on a bicycle but oddly he is in the center of the lane as if he is a car. This confuses two of the three drivers, Tom really doesn’t give a shit about the guy in tights.

God above calls the others around the viewing pool. Bets are placed and harps are silenced. The wheel of chance is spun and a breath is stilled. Which one.


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12 Responses to Start, Stop, Pause, Repeat – Death

  1. rudyhou says:

    sad to say, i kinda want to put a bet on this. morbid, yes. exciting and funny, hell yeah!

  2. lorlyn63 says:

    Hard to say – I am surprised you did not have someone texting or on their phone – far too many of these drivers are an accident waiting to happen and what gets me is that it is never their fault – it is your fault you are not watching out for them! I would say the man on the bike, but then again – anyone of them – anything is possible

  3. Don’t forget the confused tourists in their SUV, whose smartphones told them that the local taco shop was exactly in the middle of the intersection.

  4. benjaminsolak says:

    How morbidly enjoyable! I snorted in laughter, and then felt instantly terrible for it. You never cease to entertain.

  5. fallenapostate says:

    And behind you is a car full of thugs, who oppressed after so many years, had enough of your long pause at the four way stop!!

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