Writing through the Tired

Tired and writing through the tired right now. There is something to be said if you can write even when you are exhausted. It takes a certain amount of dedication and drive in my opinion. I like to write when I am tired because I don’t actually seek the words. I allow them to flow towards me and in turn I accept the writing for what it is meant to be. Not always what I want it to be. Sometimes our writing takes on a life of its own and that is a special occurrence. It means there is a real connection between the writer and the words we strive to put in the correct order. It is a shame when you have a perfect thought and lose it not because it escapes your mind, but rather because you fail to encase its meaning forever.

I am on day two of my writing and have added a progress board on the right if anyone is interested.


WC – 5086

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7 Responses to Writing through the Tired

  1. savannah99 says:

    I feel you OM, i have been writing for the past two weeks, I get up in the middle of the night when a inspiration or a situational scene arise in my mind…. and i need to get it on paper before i forget. but that;s what dedication is and it seems to energize you when you see your thoughts come alive on the computer screen!

  2. I feel this way when I dance tango tired and when I write tired. It often leads somewhere very intriguing and usually very real or raw.

  3. Russel DDK says:

    I completely empathize with you. It’s something I have done on a few occasions. In fact, I’ll even say that writing during such tired times relieves my stress.

  4. vwoods1212 says:

    I think you are writing b/c you love it; even if you are dog tired, you will still write; even if you are sleeping you will write. Saying that you were born to write. I don’t give you any credit for writing when you love doing it so much pfttt. suck it up and write:)

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