Wannabe Saints and Angels

I see wannabe saints everywhere. People are so quick to say “well if I had this or that I would do this or that.” It is very easy to speculate about what we would do if we had someone else’s wealth, position in life, or abilities but for the most part that speculation is all fluff. Humans are selfish creatures and are even more so when it comes to things they have created themselves.

I wonder how many of you would share your blog if you were me. I seriously wonder that. There are so many that will say “well of course I would give back to the bloggers,” but the reality is that you become protective of your space. You like things a certain way, posts are made in a certain order, and seeing another author’s name on your website isn’t all it is hyped up to me. It truly isn’t. What if you invite a guest blogger that is a better writer than you? Oh noes! Suddenly you feel threatened by a blogger that doesn’t even know they are a threat! Sounds ridiculous right? It is a bit more complex than people think because they aren’t making the same decisions you have to make.

I personally am not threatened by or intimidated by other writers, authors, or bloggers. I know I am not the best writer and as I have repeatedly said I am still learning. I am also still at around a 6.5 out of 10 in writing skill and that is ONLY counting style, if you add in grammar and punctuation my score drops down to a 5. Thank Buddha for spellcheck!

I follow two other “powerbloggers” that fit my description. One is the publicblogger. He has a fabulous website and also has VERY strong writers on his “team.” Now I personally don’t know how he runs his website, what he does with his authors, if he has guest authors or permanent staff, if he is one person or a lot of people, but I do know that he would probably understand what I am saying. It is a hard thing to lend your space out and even harder when you feel it might “not be worth the trouble.” But then you have this small voice in the back of your head, or at least I do, that says caring about other bloggers pays back in the end. I truly believe that and that is why I do what I do. It may not be the best blogging method, but it is the best this working Dad can do…


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12 Responses to Wannabe Saints and Angels

  1. rudyhou says:

    you are 6.5 out of 10? no worries, jason. mine is still 2.5 out of 10. honestly, not sure why some people have the patience to read my posts.

  2. “You like things a certain way..”

    Everything you’ve said actually crossed my mind this year. I thought it was commendable – and secure – of you to give up full, absolute control for guests and your broader vision. And of course you didn’t feel threatened by anyone. Or you wouldn’t keep the guests going.

    I initially puzzled a little over the reaction of your readers to us guests bc as I’ve said, you are the one they want. But I saw that many of your wonderful readers were open to the diversity of voice you provided.

    You haVe done the greater good. Not the first time I’ve said this and won’t be the last: thanks.


  3. You got me my start in blogging, for which I remain grateful.

    • Nav, if I may confess: I actually saw that. I thought that was very cool of OM. And it was a win-win for all, thanks to his graciousness. We have all gained from your beautiful writing. He didn’t give you wings. I saw last year he gave you the space to sprout your wings. I know of no other powerblogger who would’ve done that.


    • Heh, I am sure you would have made your own start Nav. Being a likeable guy takes you places.

  4. Thanks for the reminder. It would be nice to share blogs with others and invite a guest blogger. In my situation, I’m not that confident yet to do it. Maybe in the future.

  5. FashionD says:

    haha! i think it’s all about staying true to you. Admit your faults and recognize the fact that you may not be the best out there. There is always someone better. i’m not saying that you shouldn’t strive to be your best, but you shouldn’t strive to be someone else’s best. I’m there with you on the writing. I am horrible at it (my degrees are in math and IT, what are words??). I recognize the fact that I am learning just like everyone else and am very open to being helped and helping.

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    Do you care about other bloggers?

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