“You have your whole life ahead of you”

As I transition to a new job I keep being told this. Granted most of the people think I’m 25, when I’m turning 40 this month.

A bane of my Korean heritage I suppose.

But boy if I hear this line one more time….

If this past year has taught us anything it’s that we don’t know how many years we are blessed with. I don’t have a whole life ahead.

I just have one life to live.



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4 Responses to “You have your whole life ahead of you”

  1. rebbit7 says:

    I’m nearing 30, and I get mistaken for high school or college student. But I guess that isn’t too bad. Honestly, I’d take it as a compliment!

  2. davidprosser says:

    I can see how your youthful looks might cause you some annoyance as people may not take you as seriously as they should but what a bonus if you’re in a roomful of ‘white dudes’ aged 70 who are all looking for the fountain of youth. No longer the bane of your Korean heritage but sweet revenge against anyone whoever dissed you. Best of luck in the new job.

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