I hate small talk

I am not much for small talk. Anyone that corresponds with me through email knows this about me by now. I will generally avoid most questions about myself and will only answer what needs to be responded to. It isn’t so much that I think I am special or I have some identity to hide… I just don’t talk with humans very well.

I used “with” on purpose there. I can talk “to” people just fine… but I grow easily bored and distracted if I must actually interact. I will often times stare into space until they give up… Maybe that is rude. I hate being around large groups of “new people” and will generally find a way to excuse myself from such a gathering. You know sorting your sock drawer is important… right ladies?

There is very little value in small talk unless you seriously like someone, are going to date them, or are about to go to court against them. Then small talk can be useful… perhaps that is the cynic in me. Regardless, I often wonder if my lack of “communication” back is a hindrance to any real “social bond” that might be had over social media. It would be a shame if that were so, but it would also not surprise me.

I have always made friends easily, networked easily, and been able to pull social attention to myself. Like my blog, I get tired of that limelight quickly and will generally find ways to deflect that focus elsewhere. Look an abortion post…

We do what we must to survive on a day to day basis. I am just glad I don’t have more quirks or I might never function in a normal society. Maybe society is the one that is abnormal and I am simply human.


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13 Responses to I hate small talk

  1. definitely understand. I guess this post answer one of my question, even though I am still crossing my finger. You still that guy, you are you always. I love it.

  2. Sarah says:

    Agreed, I never saw the point of useless banter. We have two ears and one mouth to listen twice as much as we talk. People accuse me of being too quiet but I speak only when I have something usefull to say and not just to mask silence that seems to makes so many people uncomfortable.There’s beauty in silence 🙂

  3. Angie Mc says:

    I can think of two kinds of small talk. One is to spread kindness and/or build relationships. The other is manipulative or self-interested. So I participate in the first and avoid the second as best as I can. My fondness for kind banter comes from my childhood. I had some of the best “small talks” with random people, especially the elderly and small children. They would make me smile, laugh, think. Small talk like this, given freely, can be a breath of fresh air in a stuffy world!

  4. I agree. I hate small talk. I wind up talking fast, asking those stupid questions and answering them before they ask and then saying ‘K bye!’

  5. anchorkeidi says:

    I think that is why I love your voice. Straight to the point. Brevity is cool.

  6. analyticalperspective says:

    I think all introverts don’t like small talk.

  7. Lordy lordy can I relate lol-a dysfunctional unit after my own heart.

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