Midnight Poet

The words look different under the light of the moon. Perhaps it is the lack of light that prevents the pages from shining haunting images of inadequacy. It matters not that the same scene is now portrayed by glowing screens and vibrating things. What now pulls at strings of obligation that carry me like a puppet through life? It does not take a smart man to have an opinion about everything, but perhaps some intelligence is necessary to articulate a thought. Lack of vocabulary should never silence a voice, for a simple phrase can provide a person freedom. Take heart in that simplicity.



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14 Responses to Midnight Poet

  1. upsidediy says:

    *Awesome…now if I can only spell! 😛

  2. sonmicloud says:

    Most adeptly phrased Mr OM. You have caught something there just so. – sonmicloud

  3. sothislife says:

    “a simple phrase can provide a person freedom” so true, so beautiful, thank you

  4. idiotwriter says:

    Wonderfully true and just beautifully sprinkled with a philosophical nature.
    The best things and most poignant of sentiments and truths are indeed in their simplicity 😀

    (OH JOY – and I go amble off in ‘Shakespeare’ next – LMAO! I hope folk see that it is me – not you – or you will look like a right hypocritical twat!!! lololol)

  5. 2l2phant says:

    I saw the image I have of you running fast and free through a field of grass against a midnight sky… I miss my grandparents farm .

  6. ladydeviant says:

    “Lack of vocabulary should never silence a voice, for a simple phrase can provide a person freedom.”

    I like this a lot. We focus so much on “proper grammar” and while I do think it’s important, some of the best life influences and quotes have come from the simple minded with bad grammar. 🙂

  7. Russel DDK says:

    Wonderfully written bro. Read a poignant, heartfelt, and intelligent poem after ages. Well done!

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