Emotional Humans

Humans are emotional creatures that are easily upset. Move our food bowl from one place to the other and we will kick the dirt and mutter till we find it. In many ways humans are animalistic in our reactions and our emotional tendencies. Women and men differ when it comes to how we process our feelings. Men are much more cut and dry, I believe, and that is why we can move on faster from a conflict. There are of course men that cannot, but I speak in general terms as they relate to me.

I do not carry anger over to the next day. My wife and I have had the conversation and even argument over when a subject should be dropped. I am under the impression that it is never a good thing to part in anger. We can part disagreeing, but to go to bed mad is a horrible mistake. There are no guarantees we will wake in the morning, I would hate to part this life in anger with someone I love. This is why I tell her “sleep well and wake, I love you” when she goes to bed.

I am always amused with how angry people get when discussing their opinions. It is almost impossible for most people to remain emotionless when discussing a passionate topic. That is a flaw when trying to consider the issue as a whole. People think that because you have conviction on an issue and won’t budge, you are a rude asshole that deserves to be shunned. This is generally related directly to my attitude and persona since I respond quickly and with an aggressive nature. That is a convoluted way of thinking considering human knowledge is expanded by the ability to flex our opinions without hinder.

Here is a small story to reflect how I handle anger. My friend Tim and I were playing soccer on the concrete in my backyard when we were children. Playing soccer on the concrete is never a good idea, but we carried on with the normal invigorated courage of adolescence. We were practicing getting past each other, basic soccer drills, when I accidently kneed him in the leg and stole the ball. Looking back… maybe not an accident considering that leaning into someone in soccer is a great way to throw them off balance. Needless to say Tim got irate and wanted revenge. The story unfolds that when it was my turn to get past him with the ball he swept my feet out and I scrapped my knees on the concrete. It didn’t feel great, I recall that even today. We starred at each other in anger for a good five minutes, and then we went inside and played video games.

I relate this story to reflect how easily I get over being upset with someone. No one can hurt you beyond repair with words unless you allow them to. Physical pain can also evaporate with time. Human emotion is not so easily repaired and is a number one reason why I don’t have many friends. I don’t care to have too many close friends because the courtesy you must allot to those people is severely taxing. Who has the energy to keep up with knowing the emotional strings of everyone they interact with? I sometimes wonder this when I see people on Facebook with 500 friends and they actually know ALL of them. That is way too much human emotion for me.


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3 Responses to Emotional Humans

  1. I can relate to this. That’s why I hope to find a girl who has the same ideas around conflict resolution (as ironic as it sounds) Great blog!!

  2. mee3999 says:

    Reblogged this on WEIGHT LOSS.

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