Blogging: They aren’t coming back…

I often tell you that I don’t count on return visits from my followers. I want to share with you a stat image that will further highlight this fact.


You will notice from my graph that there are definite times when my website goes up in views and then trails off to a smaller number. The normal four days or so of heightened views is due in part to my posts, but mainly due to my follower gathering methods.

You see I pick and choose when my website gets viewed heavily and when it becomes dormant. I control this through adjusting my three focus points on blogging and in doing so I adjust the “potential viewers” according to the output. Whether I am currently writing, about to post, or have just posted something I think is of value that is when I pump my numbers towards my blog. When my “weekend comes” and I decide to relax my numbers begin to fall significantly. This is all to show that my website fluctuates, just like many of yours do. It is a normal thing unless you are able to harness corporate traffic.

Most bloggers will tell you that to have a successful website you must have “focus,” a clear goal or blogging subject, and that you must post consistently to get views and new followers. Most bloggers don’t have any clue what they are talking about. They are simply repeating what they have read or what they are told and have NO REAL DATA to even go by. They are just talking. I don’t listen to “most bloggers” and neither should you.

I post when I want, what I want, and even TO whomever I want. What do I mean by “to” whomever I want? Part of gaining attention to a post or article isn’t always looking for those that will agree. I purposefully draw in large numbers of people that will “potentially” hate my work. I do this because you can easily get more views from someone that hates everything they are reading on a site than from someone that totally agrees with everything you have wrote. Most people that find a website “in line with their beliefs” will skim and save that address, but they may never revisit. Why would they? They already agree with everything you wrote so reading your work is much like reading their own thoughts. That quickly becomes boring because people are drawn to controversy and debate these days.

“They aren’t coming back…” I remember saying this to myself in my second month of blogging. It was when I began to fully understand the relationship I was creating with my readers and the potentially “deceitful” value that it had. Sure I found and you will also find bloggers that instantly connect with you. Those connections many times have an expiration date that is never clear, but normally comes around the time you suddenly stop seeing their username anymore as a comment. It happens and will always happen. If you are serious about building an audience they cannot have a face, it must be an ever changing and growing thing. When you begin to “depend” on certain audience members for views you will find yourself waiting by the door. Guess what?

They aren’t coming back…


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39 Responses to Blogging: They aren’t coming back…

  1. Allegra Mac says:

    I’m so glad that I found this post! Finally, someone that blogs that says I don’t have to have a ‘focus’ to gather a following. there are so many things that I want to write about and share with others that I feel, there’s no way, at least right now, my blog can have a theme. Very encouraging. I suppose my theme could just be my unique voice in whatever I write. Thanks for the follow!

  2. rudyhou says:

    gosh, you have THAT MANY viewers? i can only be so lucky. yeah, me jealous. not that i follow the ups and downs of my graph. not much to check on, really. but like you, i prefer to post when and what i want.

  3. poet816 says:

    I often wonder if even looking at the numbers affects anything. or should. I fluctuate. And, even if your posts do not draw people in, they do read what they get in the mail. Not much, agreed, but something.

  4. My problem is my visitors have gone from 5-15 a day to 150-200 a day, and I’ve only been blogging for two months, and I’m definitely getting repeat visitors… But nobody comments or likes anything. It’s kind of annoying because I know that readers equate more likes and comments as a blogger being more legitimate. I post an article every day or two and switch up my topics wildly, and sometimes things get shared on Facebook or Reddit and my views go off the charts… But still no likes or comments which to me feel like concrete evidence of your shit being good.

    • I just looked. You post great stuff. What do you do to draw readers in? How much do you comment or visit other blogs? Much of it is turnabout in a way.

      • I comment on or visit other blogs sometimes, but when I do it rarely leads to new visits, just a few follows from people who want to thank me for supporting I guess. I draw new readers in mostly by relying on my dedicated readers to share it with others on forums, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Otherwise there’s really no plan, as I don’t really know much about how this works other then I know I have to expose myself as much as possible.

      • Have you browsed my blogging articles on the left in the link? If you get bored I share my blogging model there.

  5. Great post. I am also a blogger fer sanity…(lol or is that an insane blogger I still am not quite sure). And am still stunned that people read my randomblings.

  6. lifeofalazygirl says:

    When I blog I do it as a release. And it’s a huge deal to me when even a single person takes the time to read through what I have to say. It’s nice to know that there are people interested

  7. Great post with a lot to consider, thanks for sharing =)

  8. sonmicloud says:

    “I purposefully draw in large numbers of people that will “potentially” hate my work. I do this because you can easily get more views from someone that hates everything they are reading on a site than from someone that totally agrees with everything you have wrote.” – So in effect that makes you the blogging equivalent of a ‘Shock Jock’ at times. That’s just how they get their listener ratings. Some newspapers do exactly the same thing, they get far more readers this way, in spikes, and the comments section goes through the roof. I’m not passing judgement. It’s interesting and I have wondered if that was what you were doing sometimes. I’ve not met anyone else who uses this tactic who I’d continue to read, because in my experience such people tend to be dickheads. You are not a dickhead (you’ll be thrilled to hear I’m sure heheh). I’m still here up to now despite disagreeing with you on a few salient topics, and that’s been because you do not censor people who disagree with you, in fact you openly welcome them to guest post sometimes. The question is, do you do it purely to boost your statistics, or are you also genuinely keen to give the other side of the coin a voice and encourage debate which may educate and/or inform?
    – sonmicloud

  9. Victoria says:

    I totally agree with you! I could care less about how many followers I have, likes or whatever. I don’t pay any attention to that stupid graph which means nothing to me. I simply blog because I enjoy it and I can…LOL

  10. oldpoet56 says:

    I have to agree with you also.

  11. sphoenix14 says:

    My blog has an intended purpose other than a place for me to write; slowly but surely it’s gaining followers and my best daily views was 160! Not quite matched that since, but I hope one day to even exceed it. I’m aiming to share my story of recovery from various mental health issues, to let others know they’re not alone if they’re suffering too and also to raise awareness and stop the stigma of mental health. It is also forming part of my therapy and is useful for appointments to give my therapists an idea of my day to day feelings that I often can’t recall when asked!!

  12. Becca Joyce says:

    The really interesting bit for me is what you say about comments from people you’ve connected with trailing off . It really fluctuates eh? It’s still new for me so it’s interesting to hear that something I’m experiencing is common. Thanks for another interesting post 🙂

  13. Jenni says:

    Oh I’m an audience junkie but I still write whatever strikes me although there are one or two things aimed at having people visit which so far seems to work. I think having a variety of content is better than playing a single song over and over – I mean how many times can you re-mix it before it turns in elevator music and honestly who wants the hear that.

  14. Teela Hart says:

    Replying to comments also plays a large role in whether or not your followers return. 😉

    • Not in regards to overall stats it doesn’t. Those are mere hundreds of views you are speaking of and often those don’t even “count” because people reply by smartphone or tablet. A lot of those responses aren’t recorded anymore by WP.

  15. Cerridwynn says:

    This is why I don’t give a damn whether or not I have an audience. I write as much to talk to myself as to talk to anyone else. Sometimes people find my mental muttering s interesting, which is flattering, but even if they didn’t I’d still write them and post them anyway.

    • Unfortunately I care and always have. When it comes to blogging, I blog for an audience. I write for myself, but the blogging portion I have always tried to push before as many eyes as possible.

    • timdart says:

      I agree, though when I do get a view spike, I am giddy as a fat kid that found 2 sherbet packs in his bag.

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