Your life in the balance. Not yet born, but you have given birth to debate. You do not realize you already struggle for your life. Will you naturally come or shall we send a machine to get you?

You hear us. We make sounds around you. Little do you know it is sounds of anger and frustration. Not at you of course, we are already arguing over your head. You will get used to it or you won’t get a chance to.

A life in balance. A scale is placed. Does your heart weigh more than policy? How does a baby’s scream compare to the scream of “women’s rights?” Oh but we don’t mean it as an attack on babies, only on government policy that would force our hand to value life. Shame on the government that puts a soul above a vote!

You have emotions, I match you. You have anger, I match you. You have opinion, I match you. Bring your opinion to the middle and allow our pawns to battle. And while we play games another baby dies.


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2 Responses to Unborn


    You are a try lexophile at heart. I love your work and the way you lay your thoughts out on the page. A small glimpse inside the mind of a stranger. If more people let their real thoughts out the world be a better place.

    • Smoke & Dust says:

      I follow a similar thought. Thank you for the tall compliment and I appreciate you stopping by and giving my stuff a read! S&D

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