Killing Earth

I think it is sad that people, even scientist, still think it is possible that the world is too large for humans to destroy. We ARE destroying it; the evidence is there to see. The problem, as I see it, is that humans are very much the “here and now” type creatures. This is the same outlook we have placed on economics and debt, until recently, not really being worried about future generations as long as the current one is comfortable. I am sure you have seen my jokes about it, but I am really being serious, it is only a matter of time before “visitors” show up. What will they find when they get here? Have they already come by, snickered, and left laughing about how this dumb species is likely to kill itself in the next 100 years? Tell me if you close your eyes you can’t picture it.

If you can’t, let me draw a visual for you. Let us follow our two aliens, we will call them E.T. and W.T.F. to make this story easier, as they descend on their first visit to this mysterious planet Earth!

E.T. “Holy space balls W.T.F. look at this blue world, I can’t wait to see what it is like past atmosphere.”

W.T.F. “Well, I hope they are smarter than the last planet. Those flying cows almost destroyed our turbo boosters!”

E.T. “Here we go! We are making our descent! Oh my, this planet isn’t as blue when you get up close. Kind of like that Helga you like on Planet Neutron.”

W.T.F. “We said we weren’t going to talk about that! What the hell is that! Watch out it is flying right at us!”

E.T. “Oh, that is just an airplane, I read about them. Apparently this species has to make two different vehicles for space and for air transport.”

W.T.F. “Well, that is remarkable inefficient.”

E.T. “Yes, this species seems pretty confused on the direction they are going.”

[A giant explosion is seen and heard in the distance]

W.T.F. “WTF was that!”

E.T. “That was a group called the North Koreans. Apparently they just discovered the secrets of Uranium. They also seem to enjoy setting off bombs on their own land… not smart”

W.T.F. “What God allowed these fools to play with Uranium?” [Lets out a loud groan] “Is that why the rest left last time they visited, when those Americans dropped those two Atomic bombs? I thought they had learned their lesson.”

E.T. “Apparently this particular species learns very slowly.” “Look over there, see those strange buildings spitting out smoke. These humans are quickly killing their atmosphere but because their brains are so small they cannot compute the longstanding affects. The scientists back home actually have a running poll on this planet.”

W.T.F. “I’ve seen enough let’s go back home. Maybe we can stop for a space burger on Mars on the way home.”

And that is how we look to outside visitors… in case you were curious.


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5 Responses to Killing Earth

  1. idiotwriter says:

    Right bunch of wallies hey… I read something somewhere that said we should treat the earth NOT as a mother – but as a LITTLE GIRL.

  2. You are so right about us destroying our planet. It breaks my heart to see the rain forests disappear. Man must be pretty dumb to think he can poop in his own sandbox and it not stink.

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